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Cheap Alaska Cruise Deals

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Alaskan cruises are indeed thought-provoking when it comes to selecting the right vacation.  Well, you can start preparing for your trip right away. Did you know that many of the people you talk to who have indulged in an Alaskan cruise plan their next one soon after they get back?

What Makes an Alaskan Cruise So Special?

  • Scenery- The landscape embedded in Alaskan cruise is indeed a jaw-dropping adventure. Alaska is full of evergreens, mountains, coupled with the beautiful the glaciers, there is always something breathtaking to see.
  • Wildlife-Alaska is naturally gifted regarding wildlife reserves. The wildlife includes bald eagles, dolphins and sea lions. If you have been denied the chance of meeting a humpback whale in the wild, Alaska provides that opportunity without any hindrance.
  • A variety of ports of call- Another beautiful thing about an Alaskan cruise is the charm and variety of the ports of call. The port varies slightly from cruise line to cruise line. Alaska has a mix of small town, big city, and rugged adventure. Most Alaskan cruises will stop in Skagway, Ketchikan, Juneau, and either Prince Albert or Victoria, Canada.

No matter your budget, Alaska offers everyone activities subject their constraints. It may be hiking a glacier today and been at High Tea in Victoria the next.

Exploring the city is optional; you may decide to stay on onboard for the whole day.

Cruising Basics

Alaska cruising usually stampedes the notion that cruising is only for the rich and glamorous people on earth. Alaska cruising is one of the most economical and relaxing ways to travel.

The cruise provides an option of acquiring a suit with a private balcony, but most people prefer to stay inside the cabin.

Almost all the major cruise lines have an array of exceptional activities full of glamorous even at no extra charges. You can also prefer to read a book in a deck chair or relax in a hot hub.

Helpful tips for successful Alaskan:

  • When to go- For those planning for Alaskan cruises, the best time to enjoy it is from late April through mid-September. Mid-June to Mid-August offers lovers of balmy weather the opportunity to have a wonderful experience. For travelers that always want to derive maximum satisfaction for every penny spent, booking earlier in May or around Labor Day is the best. Alaskan weather is changes frequently. Travelers should not even think of moving around in bikini because the weather can bet a little bit chilly.
  • What to wear- Alaska weather is unpredictable, so travelers will have to come with varieties of clothing. Sweatshirt or jacket should be given a priority. Formal dress main also be part of the luggage as you may want to commemorate your travelling with an official photo.
  • Motion sickness- The ships are very large that has made many people to acclimatize to motion sickness. For those that are prone to motion sickness, they should prepare fully as the passage can get a little rocky. Most ships sell OTC medications onboard, but you can make provision for prescription if motion sickness poses a danger to you.
  • Camera- For memorable experience it requires a decent camera or phone that has a good camera.
  • Internet- Most cruise lines are furnished with internet cafes and internet packages for purchase. Internet can be accessed through the Wi-Fi or already subscribed data plan.
  • Money- Cashless policy is the only language they understand when it comes to paying your bills at the end of the journey. Most cruise lines on accept credit or debit card. They also charge a nominal service to cover staff gratuities.
  • Wining and dining- Alaska cruise can be referred to as the heaven on earth. Most cruise lines offers varieties of food that comes with affordable price. For those that give preference to luxury, they also got covered. Specialty restaurants are also available. Alcoholic beverages are added to your tab, but they also so offers economical packages that those that wish to do a lot of toasting.

Cruise Lines to Alaska

The list below reveals the top cruise lines with reference to Alaskan adventures.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines is the pioneer of, “freestyle cruising.” They have different packages for customers on board. Their program is flexible because they take into cognizance people of not turning up for dinner with others, and not sitting with the same person every time. NCL has a lot of flexibility in their dining and activity choices.

They offer two Inside Passage cruises that take-off from Seattle. The entire cruise span for seven days but there is also a chance of an eight-day cruise out of Vancouver, British Columbia that has an additional port of call in Icy Strait.  Each of these cruises is seven days. One cruise stops in Glacier Bay, and the other in Sawyer Glacier. For those that book an inside cabin at the beginning or tail end of the season your initial charge for the cabin and food  could be under $600 which may rise further when  port fees, taxes, or airfare are added.  Norwegian has a loyalty program called Latitudes, which gives you many perks starting with your second cruise.


Princess Cruise Lines has been the king of all cruise lines in Alaska consecutively for ten years. They will continue to hold the esteemed because they offer a lot. Their offer includes Inside Passage cruises, land and sea options, and accommodations at their luxurious privately owned lodges in places such as Denali and Glacier Bay Park. For tourist that gives preference to wildlife they are covered with the partnership agreement with Animal Planet. Animal planet will make sure that your wildlife experience is animal-friendly and ecologically sound. Their seven-day Inside Passage cruises start at about $650.00.


Holland Cruise Line offers a very similar service with the NCL. The Holland cruise line makes use of smaller ships for their Alaskan cruises that can only accommodate 1400 to 2100 passengers. They have many choices including just Inside Passage or land and sea options.  The cruise line is known for their luxurious touches, even at the economy level. Their inside cabins are 25% larger, and they also compliment your stay on board with fresh fruit every day.  The price are usually low in April, early May or Sept Still, if you choose to cruise in April, early May or September, that can make you pay as low as $599.00

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean comes in three different packages that include a seven, eight and nine-day voyages. Most of their round-trip cruises offer the cruisers of seeing places like Seattle, Hubbard Glacier and Tracy Arm Fjord while a nine day adventure incudes visiting Sitka and Icy Strait Point.

Royal Caribbean took a clue from NCL and offers an option called “My Time Dining.” The fare, including a visit to Hubbard Glacier, starts at as little as $657 for the week.

Thousands of sites also specialize in offering travelers a value for their money.  Approved travel sites such as Expedia and Orbitz offers cruise division. The sites offer customers bonuses even when you book at the last minute.

To experience no hindrance while on the cruise, its better you confirm if your passport will not expire in the next six months. Alaska may be the 49th State, but most of the cruises will make a stop or even two in Canada as well.

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