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7 Inexpensive European River Cruises to Know About

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You may fantasize about fairytale castles, windmills, exotic food and ancient romantic ruins and think you could never meet the expense of the experience. Auspiciously, numerous European river voyages provide a variety of ports with reasonable prices.

You can make the most of your European vacation with a cruise, traveling to numerous vastly different countries and having ample of time to explore millennia-old cities. There are seven inexpensive European river cruises we believe you should have knowledge of.

Viking River Cruises – Amsterdam to Budapest

This 15-day grand voyage of Europe which covers both windmills and castles. It involves three iconic rivers: The Rhine, the Danube and the Main that flow all the way from Holland to the ever-famous spiritual Budapest. Some of the voyages involve a tour of a moving windmill and a stop at Marksburg Castle, which is the only fortress on the Rhine that has never been destroyed.

For those who love movies, you can indulge your Sound of Music fantasy with wine and food from Austria’s Wachau Valley and learn more about the Viennese waltz. You will also make a passage through the Spessart region, home of the young woman serving as the motivation for the tale of Snow White.

If you want to prolong your stay, there is an option of staying another three days in Prague in the Czech Republic.

There are 13 guided tours on this cruise. All dishes are included, as well as a cocktail reception and dinner to welcome you aboard. Complimentary beer and wine are added with onboard lunches and dinners.

The cost of the trip starts at $4,899 per person.

Ama Waterways – Barcelona to Paris

This is the ideal trip for wine lovers! This 14-day river wine-themed voyage on the Rhone River highlights tours of orchards with wine specialists as your hosts. Your journey commences with 3 days’ visit to Barcelona and terminates with three days stay in Paris at the Pullman Paris Montparnasse, or related hotel, and a 7-day voyage in the middle of your trip.

This captivating trip incorporates luxury accommodations in an outdoor stateroom with a French balcony. The Cruise stops include a visit to an ancient Perpignan and seeing the city of Arles, the home of painter Vincent Van Gogh as he aged. Other stops include World Heritage Site of Avignon, Viviers, and Tournon. Along with wine, you will also participate in a chocolate tasting. Further, on your trip, you will see Vienne with a walking tour. Champagne tasting bids you farewell before you board a high-speed train for Paris.

Besides the winery tours and other excursions, the voyage offers cooking demonstrations, lectures, and onboard music performances. There are also bicycles readily available for you to explore independently.

The price starts at $4,899 per person.

Viking River Cruises – Budapest to Bucharest

This eastern European 11-day voyage involves stops in five of the most fascinating countries including Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. It includes 7 supervised tours that include an Osijek home, a towering Iron Gate over the Danube and Kalemegdan Fortress, which go back in time to the 6th century.

There are other surprises also, such as watching the Puszta horsemen and a prospect to bake bread with a home cook. Once behind the Iron Curtain, these countries now have much to reveal.

The price of this river cruise is $2,756.

Uniworld – Vienna to Prague

The ten days you spend traveling up the Danube River from Vienna to Prague includes stunning art, medieval cities, Gothic cathedrals and glorious beauty of sheer cliffs and small baroque villages. This is the heart of the Habsburg Empire.

In Vienna, you will travel the historic capital and all its art. In Prague, you will see the design that identified Gothic Resurrection in the baroque city. Some of the highlights of your tour will include visiting the walled town of Nuremberg, looking at Italian art in Passau, and a taste of modern day micro-brewing in Straubing. You’ll also be able to take a bicycle along a path by the river and ride a horse-drawn wagon through the Bavarian Forest.

This river voyage is unique because it grants a multi-generational family package so that you can bring both kids and grandparents for a fun time.

The price of this tour is $4,049 per person.

Grand Circle Cruise Line – Switzerland to the Netherlands

This 12-day affair is a Christmas cruise that brings out the magic of the Old World for the holidays. It includes stops in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

This cruise on the Rhine includes villages with colorful holiday lights dotting the landscape and stopping at several Christmas markets along the river.

These markets are packed with handmade toys, ornaments, fresh baked bread and cookies and warm mulled wine. Entertainment includes the well-known Christmas carols like “O Christmas Tree” sung in their original language of German. Your trip also includes participating in German Christmas traditions and other activities, such as a baking demonstration. This is the most Christmas you will ever experience in a vacation.

Some of the best features of this cruise are what it includes. This cruise includes all meals onboard and, unlike conventional cruise lines, offers complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with dinner.

The price for this cruise is $2,745 per person, and this includes international airfare.

Avalon – Brussels to Amsterdam

This 8-day cruise is an excellent vacation for those who love the beauty of tulips and windmills. The six stops include Antwerp, Ghent and then on to Holland to see Middelburg, Filemstad-Kindrdijk, and Amsterdam.

A highlight of your trip, if you plan it for spring, will be a tour will be an excursion through the 70-acres of Keukenhof Gardens. Not only will you see lakes, sculpture gardens, greenhouse and a windmill, but you will be astounded at the beauty of seven million flower bulbs that include daffodils, tulips, crocuses.

A summer trip includes the historic city of Delft instead of the gardens. Delft is most known for its Delft Blue pottery.

You must call about the price for this cruise, but the line is offering 50 percent off certain dates.

The River Cruise Line – England

This is a shorter cruise option with 3-4 day cruises up the Thames River, showcasing the best of England. The trip begins in London but moves through 17 towns and cities alongside Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

This trip is especially extraordinary for those who love English novels as many of these cities serve as motivation for great works like The Wind in the Willows. You will become familiar with the English countryside as you cruise along.

The price for this river cruise is substantively lower than others, with it starting at about $220, making it a great addition to your European vacation.

Most river cruises have exceptional amenities, include onboard food and entertainment so you can relax without having to burden yourself about a lot of extra on board expenses or decision making. There are various choices with river drifting from Holland to Paris to the rural areas of Hungary and Romania. The tricky part about this vacation is picking where you want to go.

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