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The Top 3 River Cruises in Germany

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For those craving the ultimate in river voyage holidays, you have come to the right place. Here are 3of the most famous river cruises in Germany:

Heart of Germany

When it comes to the most popular European river cruises, the Heart of Germany cruise surely of such, that sails the waters from Nuremberg to Frankfurt. As you send your way, you will have the opportunity to submerge yourself in legendary World War II Nazi history, shop for wines, beers, and other items at ports of call and visit the Palace of Justice and sample various cuisines along the way.

This 7-day cruise along the Pegnitz River start in Nuremberg where you can walk from place to place around the old part of the city that is still adorned by gates, watchtowers, and structures dating as far back to the 13th century. Ensure not to miss the legendary Palace of Justice where Nazi war criminals were put on trial. Stop for lunch at Historische Bratwurst-Kuche Zum Gulden Stern, which remains the world’s oldest bratwurst eatery and where the brats are still roasted above a beech-wood fire.

An additional location to visit in Nuremberg is St. Sebaldus Church that dates back as far as the 1300s. Here you will discover the bronze shrine where St.Sebaldus is buried. This magnificent structure is one of the finest examples of Germany’s melodramatic ecclesiastical structural design.

Going on a guided tour of Albrecht Durer House gives you the opportunity to see the normal way of life of a flourishing German during the early 1500s. For a keepsake treat, pose for a nice picture with the owner of Scherenschnitte Studio or take a stop near the Old Tower gate to buy a memento of your journey such as nutty, spicy lebkuchen Christmas cookies.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site medieval city of Bamburg is our next port of call. Take time to walk along flagstone streets or sit around one of its outside cafe tables to appreciate the city’s sharp roofed multi-plex shops and houses adorned with flags and flower boxes as far as the eye can see.

It’s now time to sail down the river to Rothenburg to make a visit to Germany’s Christmas Museum which is available all year along with its Christmas market.

One high point of our visit to Wertheim where the Tauber and Main rivers unify is the magnificent sandstone castle that towers above the town’s main square and radiating a sensation akin to that of Bamburg.

Even though we will be in Frankfurt, we must visit close by Heidelberg where we will get a much more upfront and personal encounter with castle life as we journey the ruins of Heidelberg Castle and get an aloof view of Speyer where some Roman emperors of the Celtic age are buried.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises provides a 10-day cruise through East Germany from Berlin to Prague through the Elbe River. Furthermore, walking through the Brandenburg Gate, one place not to be missed is the Jewish Museum made by Daniel Libeskind, a New York architect whose aim was to familiarize visitors with the atrocities Hitler perpetrated on Jews during the Nazi age. A visit to Checkpoint Charlie will provide veterans and military admirers a deeper gratitude for this spot and its strategic part during World War I and II.

Visit Sanssouci Castle created by Frederick the Great in Potsdam If you haven’t had your fill of castle visits yet. One of the best parts of this castle is its enormous marble cupola. Visiting Worlitz Castle for most of us shows a more realistic way of life since it is an instance of a traditional English country estate.

We had the opportunity to walk where Martin Luther walked as he gives a sermon at St. Marien’s Church and to visit the historical monument where Russian and American troops met and shook hands in 1945, this was possible during our visit to Wittenberg. The city’s marketplace has a statue of Martin Luther who was formerly a city resident. It is inspiring to note that this area formally called as The Marktplatz was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1996.

While in the ports of call at Meissen and Dresden ensure you acquire a little piece of some of the world’s most attractive pottery, china or jewelry. Now we move on to a captivating part of Germany known as Saxon Switzerland to visit the lovely Saxon Switzerland National Park that is certainly a diverse landscape than any of America’s national parks.

We will spend our last 3 days in the Czech Republic city of Prague, famous for its red tile roofing. If you stop at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, you should take the time to visit the Prague’s old Jewish Cemetery that is believed to be one of the world’s ancient final resting destinations.

Rhine River Cruise

A Rhine River cruise is the ideal way to start If you have never embarked on a river cruise through Germany before, as many travel agents and cruise companies propose. One high point of this cruise is a stop at the Rhine Gorge area where grapes are refined in its Moselle Valley. Another highlight of this cruise is the hometown of Beethoven in Bonn.

The Cathedral at Cologne is Included on this cruise. Giving to historical records, this vast edifice required 600 years to complete and is hyped as one of Germany’s most exceptional structures. During this voyage, guests will have the chance to take an exciting off-water voyage aboard a cable car leaving Koblenz to visit Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. Another astonishing site not to be missed is Cologne’s Chocolate Museum, after which you may have a new indebtedness of all things chocolate.

Heidelberg should be involved in your bucket list of destination to visit during port of call stops, home to a world-celebrated university bearing the same name. Trier, Germany is a must see because it was the death site of many Roman emperors and is understood to be the country’s oldest city. To have an outstanding experience of Christmas dinner including a cuisine rather different from our customary American or British menu, visit one of the cafeterias in Andernach. Be sure you have visited the mechanical music museum of Seigfried before you leave Andernach.

You may think you know something about spas, but that will change when you visit the Rhine River city recognized as Bad Ems where monarchs, tsars and various aristocrats were said to have enjoyed several sorts of spa treatments.

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